The project

European educational concept in environmental- nature- and climate protection to safeguard a cross-border sustainable development.

In cooperation of 5 partners from 4 counties (Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania), among them 1 public and 1 private university, 2 NGO, 1 public research institute we want to design a European educational concept based on the following

  • Create a curriculum concept with the participating countries in the professional advanced education area, in the topics: environmental -, nature-, and climate protection,

  • based on a research about existing furthering education programs, experiences, needs and requirements in the participating countries.

  • design of innovative training methods and combination of theoretical knowledge with practical key skills

  • work in a complex environment that requires an interdisciplinary approach

  • Preparation of first test run of the course by exchanging potential trainers and trainees within the participating countries (we will do the real first test run in a follow-up project)



  • to carry the curriculum concept into the institutions of the participating countries

  • and establish the curriculum in the countries' national educational structures in the long run

  • open new chances on a future-oriented segment of the labour market for unemployed academic graduates, university dropouts and unemployed professionals, who have gained a multidisciplinary and yet very specific knowledge.